Once upon a sales call

Goli was living in Palm Springs CA working at Interior Illusions, and Troels was in town for a special event. On Oct 12th 2012 Troels visits the  showroom for an impromptu drop in. You see, Troels and Goli had some email correspondence over a year or two, but they hadn't ever actually met in person. He knew who she was, but she had no idea who had just walked through the door.  Troels opens the door to the showroom, stops at the stop of the stairs, opened his arms as far and wide as possible, and with a boisterous burst from the top of his lungs says, “GOLI!” Surprised and slightly confused, Goli throws up her arms as big and wide as she can mimicking him, and in her biggest boisterous burst from the top of her lungs says, “WHO ARE YOU?!”


They share a laugh, and a forever friendship was born.

Jul 28, 2018, 2:00 PM
Himmelev Church,
Roskilde, Denmark


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